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Accessing your Child’s Information

There are a number of systems we use to provide parents with key information about their child:

  • For homework and providing learning resources we use Google Classroom.
  • For behaviour and rewards we use Class Charts.

Homework and learning resources
Homework and some classwork is set online using Google Classroom. Students can complete the work and hand it in online or, when appropriate, complete it on paper and mark it as complete in Google Classroom.  There is an App available to provide push notifications to your child to show them when work is set.  There is a detailed guide to using Google Classroom available below.  However, to get started quickly once logged in there is a to-do list showing all the homework for each subject and when it is due.

Parents do not have direct access to Google Classroom and are instead invited to receive Google Classroom email summaries every Friday evening. The invitation to receive these summaries are sent out at the start of the academic year. If you haven’t received yours, check your spam folder, and ensure you are checking the email account that you supplied with your school application.

Some parents prefer to access Google Classroom directly to support their child to access and manage their homework and resources.  To do this they download the App on their own phone and ask their child to log in with their details. This enables them to access the to-do list and resources and receive the notifications.

Behaviour and rewards
This information can be found in Class Charts. Using the email address that you supplied to the school, you can access this portal to see your child’s behaviour and rewards records. Class Charts also provide an app you can install on your phone or tablet, which will provide push notification of behaviour issues and rewards