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School Uniform

The school believes very strongly in a policy of full school uniform for all students in Years 7 to 11 and in maintaining the very highest standards of dress and appearance appropriate to the workplace. School uniform helps to create a positive, corporate, community identity for the students of the school, fostering a sense of belonging and responsibility. Wearing the uniform correctly enables all students to present themselves as business-like, professional and ready to work as well as providing all students the opportunity to be appropriately and equitably dressed. Students should wear their uniform with pride.


Items to be purchased from the online shop at

  • Colne Burgundy School Blazer with Pocket Badge.
  • Colne Clip on School Tie in Year Group Colour.
  • Colne School Skirt may be worn as an alternative to trousers.


The following items can be purchased elsewhere:


  • Plain white traditional shirt with collar, long or short sleeve.
  • Plain black, traditional trousers.
  • Plain black shoes, with laces or secure fastening. Converse/Vans style shoes, Trainers and boots are not appropriate.
  • A plain black V neck jumper can be worn under the Blazer.
  • A pair of grip socks/slipper socks for Drama.


Other items and equipment

  • Socks: Plain in white, grey or black ankle socks. Knee length (not over knee) socks should only be black.
  • Tights: black or natural.
  • Outdoor coats as necessary should be of a plain style. Denim Jackets/Hooded Tops and Sweatshirts are not permissible.
  • A suitable appropriate bag should be used to carry books and equipment.
  • Mark all items clearly with the student’s name.


Uniform Standards

All students will be expected to wear full school uniform correctly from the beginning of term and at all times when involved in school business. Students are not permitted to adapt their uniform with the addition of non-uniform items or omission of regulation items during school time. Students will be advised regularly, and at least annually, of what items are and are not permitted. Parents and students are urged to note and follow the spirit as well as the letter of the school uniform regulations. The lists of regulations and regulation items will be reviewed regularly and updated as necessary. Parents will be informed of changes to the list and allowed appropriate time to accommodate changes to the regulations.

Students will not be allowed to attend classes unless uniform standards are met.


Parents are requested to provide written notification of any reason why a student is temporarily unable to comply with the uniform regulations. Students should present this written notification to their Year Leader who will, if appropriate, endorse the reason given and supply the student with a Uniform Card to excuse the issue until rectified.


  • Jewellery is limited to one ring worn on the finger of one hand, and one ear stud per ear. Jewellery must be discreet. Facial piercings are not permitted.
  • Make-up and nail varnish is not allowed in Years 7-9. In Year 10-11 make-up should be limited and subtle.
  • Extremes of fashion or hairstyle are not acceptable. Hair should be natural in colour.
  • School Skirts are not to be rolled up and shortened, or require a belt of any kind.
  • Items of clothing must not bear slogans.



When doing P.E. students will need to wear the correct P.E. kit as outlined below:

Items can be purchased from the online shop at

Black sports socks Suitable outdoor footwear

 Maroon rugby shirt with reversible colour, or  Maroon polo shirt
 Maroon polo shirt  Black shorts
 Maroon sweatshirt  Black sports socks
 Black shorts  Non-marking training shoes
 Black sports socks
Suitable outdoor footwear


Colours for tournaments/lessons will be determined by the use of bibs.



Uniform Standards for PE

  • Converse/Vans type shoes are not allowed.
  • Black leggings or trousers are NOT permitted at any time, however, at the discretion of the subject specialist, plain black tracksuit bottoms will be allowed for outdoor lessons.
  • Protective equipment such as shin pads and gum shields are recommended for some activities e.g. Hockey, Rugby and Football.
  • Jewellery must not be worn for ANY activity.



Students must bring the full, correct kit to every PE lesson and be prepared to participate in the lesson to the best of their ability.

A PE kit must be worn by students even if they are unfit or unwell to participate in the full practical activities. Suitable activities will be arranged for students who are unfit or unwell.  Failure to participate will result in a faculty detention being set.

In cases of injury/illness, students will be expected to assist in the lesson with alternative activities such as officiating, supporting other participants and helping set up lessons with equipment, etc. Only in the worst cases of illness/injury will students not be expected to change into kit. Maximum participation is expected at all times and if the weather is too inclement then indoor activities will be organised. A note from parents/carers is to be produced outlining illness/injury and from this information suitable activities will be planned by the individual subject specialist.

All valuables must be handed in to P.E. staff at the start of each lesson.

Members of staff are not responsible for loss, damage or theft of valuables left in the changing rooms including such items as mobile phones, IPods and MP3 players which are banned under the school’s policy.