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Additional GCSE Languages

We are aware that many of our students have the ability to speak one or more additional languages and as a school we are happy to support the taking of these GCSEs in years 10 and 11. This year we have students additionally taking GCSE Arabic, Italian and German. The school is happy to pay for the exam registration and the facilitation, however, it would be the responsibility of the parent/carer to fund a Tutor’s expenses to and from school and for their time conducting the speaking exam element.

If your child is able to speak an additional language and you would like further information on how they can be entered for these GCSEs, please complete the attached form with your child’s details here.


Our Languages Journey

As a department, Modern Foreign Languages endeavour to do what is best for our students and their language learning. With this in mind, we regularly monitor the current data about language learning and we listen to our students’ opinions. Statistics show that learning one language consistently and over a period of time is directly linked to higher academic attainment in languages. It is also a gradual learning curve for students, which allows for better focus on the four language disciplines: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
We have therefore made the decision to move ahead with only one language offer from September 2023. According to the latest data, the two most popular languages for students are Spanish and French. Unfortunately, we do not have the teaching capacity to offer Spanish, and so it has been decided that French will be the language that students will study at The Colne.
What does this mean for the 2023/2024 academic year?
In September, students who are in Year 7 and Year 8 will be studying only French. Students in Year 9 and Year 10 will continue with French and German, towards their GCSE exams. Year 11 will be completing their French GCSE studies.

We are looking forward to September and a dynamic learning experience in MFL, and thank you for your continued support and understanding.