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School Closures


Please see  below for the procedures of school closure in severe weather conditions. The same procedures will apply if the school has to be closed (completely or partially) in exceptional or extraordinary circumstances.


The Evening Before

If conditions are very severe, it may be possible to make a decision to close the school the following day. This information would be broadcast on:

BBC Radio Essex – 103.5 & 95.3 FM –


Early Morning

A decision will be made as early as possible, hopefully by 7.00 am. Again, a decision to close the school would be broadcast on Heart Radio and BBC Radio Essex.


During the School Day

a) If a decision is made to close the school before the normal end of the school day, we will do our best to make arrangements to get all children home. However, clearly much will depend upon contract and public transport arrangements. It may not be possible for bus companies to re-arrange their schedules therefore contingency plans should be made.

b) If we can arrange for children to be transported home early, we cannot inform all parents of our decision. Therefore, parents who are at work or unlikely to be at home will need to make ‘emergency arrangements’ in advance , for a neighbour or relative to look after their children.

c) If the school is to be closed early, we will arrange for the information to be broadcast on Heart Radio and BBC Radio Essex.


The School Website

The school website will be updated regularly as a further communication for instances of severe weather. Do check this on


The School Telephone

The school telephone voicemail will be updated to announce that the school is closed.


General Points

The school should be regarded as open until you hear on BBC Radio Essex that it is closed, or our website or voicemail has been updated to advise of a closure.

It may be difficult to access the school website on such days due to the sheer volume of parents trying to ascertain whether or not the school is closed. Please do also listen to the radio or ring the school’s voicemail. Do not rely on only one method for information.

Parents have a duty to ensure that their children attend school if at all possible. At the same time, parents may properly decide not to send their children to school if they have reasonable cause to be concerned about their safety.