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Year 9:

Theme A – Living together in the UK. Students develop their knowledge of what it is like to be a citizen of the UK and study the current composition of the UK in terms of age, gender, ethnicity and religion. They examine human, political, consumer and workers’ rights to develop knowledge of their entitlements alongside an understanding of the responsibilities placed upon UK citizens.
Theme B – Democracy in the UK. Students develop their knowledge of the democratic system in the UK focusing on the work of the government and how parliament operates.

Year 10:

Theme C – How the law works. Students explore why we need laws and how law affects us in our everyday lives. They consider how the justice system in England and Wales works in practice including the roles and power of the police and the courts.
Theme D – Power and influence – Students revisit key ideas about democracy, rights and responsibilities as they explore ideas about power. In particular they consider power in relation to the ways in which citizens, governments and the media exercise power and influence in a range of local to global situations.

Year 11:

Theme E – Taking citizenship action. Students carry out an in-depth, critical investigation leading to citizenship action. The investigation and action can be based on any aspect or issue arising from the course content and should be designed to have an impact locally, nationally or globally.
Consolidation of the course content undertaken throughout KS4 is the focus in the final part of year 11.