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Drama Department

“Play your role consciously at first then play it truthfully” 

Konstantin Stanislavski 

At The Colne Community School we strive to create confident, creative and independent students. Drama allows students to express their opinions, ideas and emotions through creativity and teamwork. Our mission is to nurture all students so they feel they can achieve and fail, in a safe environment. Students are cared for, to boost their self esteem for life long skills, as well as in the theatre domain. 

“Education is a given but a talent is a gift”

We believe all students are special. They all have a gift and a talent. It just needs that nurture, support and encouragement. Here at The Colne we praise ourselves for offering an inclusive department where students can be free to explore their talents and show in a sharing environment. Teaching is not only a vocation but a passion of mine. We are blessed to be able to train the next generation and equip them with life skills they will need in the future.

The arts in education is crucial to all students. They learn beyond the realm of acting. Students develop collaboration skills through group work, critical analysis in sharing of each other’s work and problem solving through development and creation.

Students deserve the best education. Our job is to facilitate their learning and develop confident Students. To act a scene is the actors choice, but to be done with the flair and tenacity it deserves requires skill, consideration and technique. In the drama department students will learn drama techniques, appreciation for theatre and how to interpret a live theatre performance. We hope to train students for the future. 


Year 7 and 8

We aim to hook students in by delivering schemes of work that have been well considered and begin to prepare students for their option choices in year 8. 

Each scheme begins with an initial assessment to gauge understanding of current working at skill and then an end of every to scheme an end of topic assessment to establish progress made. 

Year 7 begins  by studying the basic drama techniques to encourage understanding of how to construct a piece of drama. Students then progress to applying their newly learned skills to the stimulus of A Christmas Carol. Students explore the genre of Horror and tie in many drama techniques such as physical theatre, split scene and flashbacks. They then use their imagination to delve into the world of Pirates, allowing them to develop some basic stage combat skills and work on using accents. Through these schemes, students are encouraged to devise performances with a clear structure and characters, and we round up the year with a nod to William Shakespeare and his many plays. 

Year 8 sees the transition to deeper learning and quality performances. Students begin by learning about stock characters in a melodrama. This then seamlessly stretches to silent comedy; in the first term we aim to cover a plethora of genres and drama techniques to equip students with the appropriate foundations for the year. Students will then devise a murder mystery based on fictional characters that they bring to life, while exploring the practitioner Brecht. The end of the year focuses on GCSE drama preparation, with the concept of exploring a range of different stimulus to create a piece of drama to, and finally, finishing by discovering the timeless play “Blood Brothers”.


GCSE Drama at The Colne uses the WJEC specification. This exam board offer a traditional, straightforward and accessible course for all. The Drama specification has three components and it is designed to allow learners to engage with a wide range of texts and develop critical skills in reading, writing and spoken language.

Students will be on a three year programme of study where the will require the utmost of professionalism and the desire to succeed. Students will complete all three components as mock exams from year 9 and 10 and then the final assessments will be completed in their final Year of Study.

The overview for the year is established to ease students into the WJEC GCSE drama demands. In year 9 students will undertake a series of one off lessons in order to work on confidence, understanding and basic drama skills. This then leads to exploring famous drama practitioners and their work; this encourages high quality work and students begin their critical analysis of their own and other’s work. On completion of Term 1, their mock exams begin for component 1; this explores their written portfolio work, performance and evaluation. We finish year 9 with script work and learning about the set text of ‘DNA’ By Dennis Kelly. Alongside the performance elements of this, we also aim to embed students understanding of how to write about drama, in order to prepare them for the coming years of study.

Year 10 is an antidote of learning lines, researching plays and practitioners and then beginning the component 1 exam in controlled conditions. Year 11 sees the completion of the course, where students will undergo an ‘unseen’ 1.5 hour written exam. Students will train to critique plays, analyze characters and interpret performance. 

Lasting Thoughts

The Colne Drama departments believes in the individual, and that everyone deserves the right for a successful education. Everyone’s journey will be personal and hard work is a given, but the reward is exceptional if students bring their own passion to this creative and explorative subject.